Audio Collage

This audio collage documents a particular moment in time in a city called Chicago…

It consists of the voices, feelings, and hopes of a diverse group of Chicagoans.

It is many things…

a collective mourning song

a collective call for more justice

a collective call for more healing


a collective call for action.

Please listen and then share this with others.

In the next couple of weeks, we will post a curriculum template on this site to help you facilitate a peacemaking circle in your community (school, neighborhood, workplace, place of worship, sports club…) using the audio collage as inspiration. Stay tuned for that!

We thank everyone who participated in this project. Thanks especially to Sarah Lu for editing the final audio collage and to Mariame Kaba, Lewis Wallace and Sarah for producing it.

You can download a transcript of the final edited audio collage here.

We received over 100 calls and were unable to include all of them in the final audio collage. However, Lewis Wallace has edited ALL of the calls that we received so that you can hear all of them. Lewis has also helpfully grouped the calls into different categories as well. Visit Soundcloud to hear all of the message.

We love getting feedback and would love to hear your comments. Feel free to leave them below. Peace to you all.


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